† The Voice of Thanatos †

Your justice is weak and false.

Absolute Victory Unlosing Ranger
a spot of cricket, all hail lezard valeth!, all your base, are you my mummy?, are you ready kids?, buzzy buzzy bees, card games on motorbikes, cheesy dub rhyming, crispin freeman's pimp cane, desu desu desu desu, do a barrel roll!, dodging the bullet, dood, double u tee eff, dragon age whoring, dwarf tossing, egomania, finish him!, fithos lusec wecos vinosec, five exclamation marks, four word limit sucks, frankie boyle's extreme racism, fuck yeah seaking!, get your own interests, giga drill breaker, giggling inappropriately, gilgamesh, go go power rangers, hallowed are the ori, harpooning people, hey! listen!, holy hand grenades, huge explosions, i have 100+ interests, i say! wot wot!, inuit robot butlers, its a trap!, its morphin time!, its over 9000!, jaffa jokes, jail for jailbait, jeremiah fucking gottwald, jolly good show wot!, kneel before zod, krogan testicles, leanne goes both ways, leather pants, lol wut, lymle says kay, me myself and i, men in tights, mindless trolling, mmmyes, money off car insurance, mr bubbles, no salad in scotland, not wearing underwear today, oh em gee, oh shit! moments, oh yes!, open fire! all weapons!, pervy interpretations, pierce the heavens, pokemon gen v sucks, popola going insane, posh english accents, pringer x, psycho mantis' fourth wall, put down your weapons, release the kraken!, rpm get in gear, rule britannia!, sander fucking cohen, scruffy nerf herders, sho-waddy-waddy, short for a stormtrooper, singing queen songs, snake? snaaaaaaaake!, some japanese stuff, something else, sparrow air speed velocity, stop that pigeon now!, storm of loyalty, stuff of stuffness, swooping is bad, tachikomatic days, taking hobbits to isengard, tally ho!, tee hee hee, that's no moon, that's what she said, the flaming moltres, the leading man, the name is butch, the rum is gone, thinking in italics, this is sparta!, time for time force, tinker tailor soldier sailor, too much crap, twincest, uh oh spaghettios, ultros boogie, uunyuu, we got death star, where are my keys?, wiggly icchan, witch burning, you, you saw nothing,